Legendary Therapy is a professional services organization that provides a range of special education services to children in and around the New York region.

For Schools

Legendary Therapy provides a variety of special education services to schools in and around the New York City region. We specialize in four disciplines:

  • Speech and Language Pathology
  • Counseling
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy

Within these four disciplines, we provide a range of engagements including comprehensive assessments, customized interventions, family support, and consultation services—all of which are tailored to each client’s unique needs.

“For the last five years, Legendary Therapy has been providing speech therapists for our school. What’s notable is that, during this time, they’ve filled 100% of the speech positions we had open. What makes it especially notable is they filled those positions with highly qualified and dedicated people.”

– Jaime K.

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Why Schools Hire Legendary Therapy

Our school district customers choose Legendary Therapy for five reasons:

  1. We only place skilled and talented professionals in your school. Your schools, and your kids, will receive only the best services.
  2. We work hard to ensure the demeanor of the person we place is well suited to the culture of the school where they’ll be working. When everyone is happy, the outcomes are better.
  3. We have an earned reputation for being responsive to administrative staff in the schools we serve. The only thing you’ll hear from administrators is that they’re happy.
  4. We understand how to perform our work and configure our bills to comply with insurance requirements, including Medicaid requirements. This helps you to maximize reimbursements from the State Medicaid program.
  5. We work with administrators ahead of time to anticipate staffing needs. Despite this, we understand that last minute, high priority placements require quick responses. We have a reputation for responding quickly to both.

Learn More

If you are looking for an agency to fill special education positions in your school, and you want an agency that’s responsive to your needs, please consider Legendary Therapy. You can call us at 718-948-1900 ext. 1. Or contact us online.