Why Legendary

Today, Legendary Therapy provides special education services to children ranging in age from toddlers to young adults. We work directly with families and also contract our services to local and regional schools around New York City.

In the New York region, professional therapists and counselors have many options when choosing an agency to work for. With so many options, why should you choose Legendary Therapy?

We continually ask ourselves this same question, because we know if we don’t have a good answer, we won’t be able to keep recruiting top-quality talent. It drives our ongoing effort to make Legendary Therapy a great place to work.

Here are some of the important things that we think make Legendary Therapy a better place to work than what you may find at other agencies. 

Managed by therapists, not corporate managers

Legendary Therapy is managed by Rachel Weiss Schneiderman and Christine Salomon. Rachel is a licensed speech pathologist, and Christine is a licensed occupational therapist. Both are veteran educators in the New York City school system.

This is an important point. Unlike some large placement agencies that are run by corporate managers in far off cities, Legendary Therapy is run by special education professionals who live and work in New York. We understand your aspirations and concerns, your triumphs and frustrations—because we share the same vocation.

Precisely because of our vocational background, we don’t manage our company by corporate goals or quarterly results. Our mission is helping kids, and our efforts and support go to making your job as easy as possible. This produces better outcomes for the kids, and happier customers for our company.

Local management means you get more support

One of the advantages of working for a locally owned and managed organization is our employees get more and better support. That’s because we understand the local district and the schools in it. We have longstanding relationships with many of the principals and special education coordinators in each school.

If you are facing an issue or a challenge, we don’t just leave you on your own to work through it: we get engaged and work through it with you. Remember, we’re therapists, too, and we understand that sometimes, obstacles beyond our control can prevent us from doing the work we’re supposed to be doing—helping the kids. That’s why, as an organization, we are committed to helping you do your job by helping you get past the obstacles.

Better support = happier and more productive therapists = better outcomes for the kids.


Flexible scheduling that works for you

“I have two kids of my own, so I appreciate their willingness to work with me and my schedule. It’s the kind of work/life balance I’ve been looking for.”

-Jane D.

One of the cornerstones on which we’ve built our company is scheduling flexibility for our staff. This is unique. Unlike some companies that impose a schedule on you, we work with you to accommodate your scheduling requirements.

  • If you’re a mom or dad who has to get your own kids out the door in the morning, for example, we might delay your first appointment until later in the morning.
  • If you have to drive across town, in rush hour, we can work with you to adjust your schedule around rush hour.
  • Whenever possible, we schedule all of your appointments at one school or location. In fact, the majority of our providers are assigned in this way. This approach to scheduling avoids the waste of time driving from location to location.
  • Over the years, our flexible approach to scheduling is one of the things our staff likes most about Legendary Therapy.

Many opportunities in a variety of school settings

We believe that the best outcomes always happen when there is a good fit between the provider and the setting in which he or she is working. When you’re happy with the school and its administrators – and they’re happy with you – cooperation, collaboration, and synergy produce better outcomes for the kids. And that’s the goal.

At Legendary Therapy, we are always working to ensure a good fit between administrators and our staff. Instead of just filling positions with people, we work hard to place each therapist or counselor in a school that’s a good fit for both personality and qualifications. This is one important reason why it’s beneficial working with Legendary Therapy: we have many opportunities in many schools, and that gives us the freedom and latitude to choose a location that will be the best fit for you.   

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Company-provided career development programs

Being a professional therapist or counselor requires continuing education. The problem is some agencies do not provide educational opportunities, and therefore, each provider is on his or her own to find, schedule, and pay for ongoing programs. At Legendary Therapy, we’re different.

We regularly provide our therapists and counselors with a range of relevant professional development vehicles and programs. This can be anything from internal newsletters to internal training programs to external programs from professional organizations. This commitment to ongoing education ensures all of our staff have access to the professional dialogue they need to remain current.